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About server

Project features

Valhalla - High Five project on the Chaotic Throne update 5.
  • Our project is based on Lineage 2 High five fully remastered into Spanish.

  • We have created it to provide a world where gaming and entertainment matter more than money and profit. 

  • NPCs, spawns, drops, stats, skills, formulas... everything is exactly the same. We are the best Server with the same data and mechanics as L2OFF/pts.

Server Description
lineage L2 project
  • Experiencia (EXP) X3

  • Skill Points (SP)  X3

  • Adena  X3

  • Drop Itens X1

  • Quest Experiencia (EXP) X1/X0.5

  • Quest Skill Points (SP) X1/X0.5

  • Quest Adena X1/X0.5

  • Quest Drop Itens X1/X0.5

  • Spoil X2

  • Límite de peso X1

  • Manor X1

  • Extracto de pescado X1

  • Enchants X1

  • Safe Enchant 3

  • Max. Enchant 16

  • Normal Scroll Variable Chance

  • Blessed Scroll Variable Chance

  • Elemental Stone chance 60%

  • Elemental Crystal chance 40%

l2 retail
  • Server,  Horario UTC +1 

  • Buffs, Duración Retail

  • Buff slots: 20+4

  • Clientes máximos por IP 4

  • Sistema Anti-Bot (Gameguard)

  • Geodata y Pathnodes

  • Sub-Classe Level Máximo 80

  • Off-line Shop 10 dias

  • Sistema de bodas

  • Offline restricción Lv 5

  • Chat restricción Lv 8

  • Idioma oficial Español 

  • Host europa Barcelona

  • Proxy Latam,Na-East

  • No Auto-farm

  • No potions allowed mp

  • No Learn Skills

  • No Learn Loot

  • No Learn Raid & Grand Boss 

  • Damage on Screen (Oficial)


​Relive the nostalgia of the catacombs of the 7 signs in the classic version


​Classic version of the raids now more united than ever to defeat them


In your adventure, if you are lucky you can meet 3 types of legendary creatures, will you be able to defeat them?


Kamaloka is part of a mysterious dream world where volunteers can earn experience and trophies.

Community Board

Access many exclusive features through our Community Board. 

Among them, general server information, special settings for a higher performing game, Auction House, where you can exchange your items with other players, exclusive clan management, various types of rankings and monitoring of all server events. Use the ALT + B command to access it in-game, or open it via the "System Menu".

comunity borde.jpg

Raid y Grand Bosses

All the Raid and Grand Bosses in the game have 2011 Official drops and status. There are more than 120 Raid Bosses and Grand Bosses with epic battles waiting for you!

The drops and strength of Raid and Grand Bosses will vary depending on your level.

The drops can include: From Weapons and Armor of all kinds to elements of improvements

It is necessary to do Quest to go to the Grand Boss, through ALT+B (Raid Ranking), drawing and respawn time.

lineage like

All the configurations and characteristics that were not reported here are Retail, that is, they are equal to Official Lineage II, o were considered irrelevant, you can see more information here


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